Citizen engagement material on FAIR data released

22 February 2023

Image for the BY-COVID news pages.

The BY-COVID project has released citizen engagement material, in English and French. The material explains the role of good data infrastructures and open science in effective pandemic responses, and more broadly in the study of infectious diseases.

The BY-COVID project integrates information from many different technical specialties, for example, genomics, social sciences and healthcare, and this is reflected in the content of the engagement material. To ensure no errors have arisen from the distillation of complex concepts, content creation has been a collaborative effort from different technical and scientific teams in the BY-COVID project.

So far, there are eight “case stories” which explore data (metadata, FAIR data, combining data, data in decision making), a practical example from wastewater analysis, and wider topics such as pandemic preparedness, open science and trust.

As yet, there has been no formal gathering of responses from citizens, however, there are plans to make the material into a booklet for schools with associated engagement activities.